Salmon Soup < $2

I come from the school of pinch and toss


If you want to make a great fish or seafood soup or stew you must start with a perfect fish or seafood stock please research and use any method for preparing fish broth from Jacques Pépin, Julia Child or James Beard … learn from the best then make it your own.

Because I was using salmon parts .my herb mixture was fresh fennel, huge handful of Italian parsley, bunch of chives, sprigs rosemary and branch of thyme.  I used a lemongrass sake instead of white wine (but I will usually use Pinot Grigio when making fish or seafood stock it just works! )


I found a recipe online for a Russian fish soup sounded so good but I ended up changing it completely..the broth tasted so good I did not want to “gild the lilly” so I just did a little bit more by adding some strained  roasted San Marzano tomatoes, fresh roasted garlic, salt and of course fresh cracked pepper, the meat retreaved from the head and the tail are the most flavorful I put a scoop of hot jasmin rice in the bowl and then the cheek and tail meat on the rice ..topped with the hot broth and a handful of chopped parsley (I had not topped it with the parsley before I took the picture but it really makes a big difference in the soup)


this was a lovely meal ..thanks for sharing it with me


just because it does matter right now

I wanted to mention I am working hard at making wonderful  extravagant meals on the cheap.  I do not want to work anymore than I have to because of this ..I am happy to report this pot of soup could serve 6 easily and cost me less than $2  (the rice my guess) everything else was free (the heads and tails a give away or toss!)  or I grew it in my  garden ..the sake a gift  to myself so the cost does not count!

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