long rainy period followed by sun

Microclimate living


I know I have talked about this previously back in either this blog or my older one but here you go ..there can not be too much conversation about the weather it seems.

I actually live right in a temperate pocket ..it is wet, in the 50’s for most of the winter ….we have humidity when it is raining but as soon as it stops the air is very dry..once in a while we will get “muggy” weather ..but unlike growing up in the East where we really had muggy. Here it is rare.   Do I know the scientific’s of all this? No these are just my observations.

The most amazing time for us here is whenever the sky opens up. The sun comes out once in a while and then all the things that are sitting under this sepia/gray cap come to life. The only days I really complain a lot are the ones where I am stuck inside when the sun is outside. Sunny day should be a legal holiday here. You could justify it.

First of all it is a safety hazzard to have sun here. Everyone in Western Washington has lost their sunglasses, and no one can drive with out them because we have adjusted to the din. There are more sunny day wrecks here than anywhere!

Second of all,

 we get a  crazy manic joy with even a few moments of sunshine!

We  get naked, dance around the woods covered in mud

 ..and wear great big moss hats

No one appreciates blue skies and sun like we do here on the Salish Sea

I have not blogged anything but my annoyance with conservative politics and most of those posts were kept in my “save” file because my intent with this blog is to see the shiny side more often.  Not rant and rave about things that make no sense to me …I do not want to offend at all, it is just sometimes I feel so offended by it all …This winter I have been cranky and pissed off with myself for perpetuating my own stupid behavior.

Not only my mood stopped my posting, it was also frustration in my own limitations with my camera!  I think you have to have skill to capture  the beauty of the dismal weather.  My photos all look muddy and gray and sad. Really  the world is muddy and gray ..but more of a  “sepia/gray” with lots of green tossed in …I can not take good pictures of the winter weather at all and wish I could.  

 we are having a sunny week, look what I see right now out my window!

While this is a perfect day for gardening I have to get out of here!

So my husband, 3 year old grandson and myself went for a walk in the wilds that sit right in the midst of our own urban spraw..it is a most beautiful, very quite… isolated spot..

My husband found a beaverhood….

 It comes complete with dam, a pond and a massive lodge surrounded moss covered, old growth,  nursery logs.   Best of all there is a frisky boy and an elusive girl beaver couple who chate like tribbles in the lodge.  I am pretty darn sure they setting up house inside there, together. .

I hope you enjoy the photographs, that maybe it inspires you to go out and find a patch of land to explore? Make your journey safe …we asked the cops and game warden about this spot ..plus scoped before hand, carried pepper spray and maybe I am going to get an air horn next…. I am paranoid but it is realistic!!…I don’t want to be that person who “stumbles on a body”. While we are out on a hike. Trust me some of the places my husband takes me would have one and freak me out! If you are not familiar with how beavers build then please watch this video


Please note the nursery logs on old growth, the moss. We are “The Evergreen State” for a reason and it is not just the trees. See the cattails coming up? The beaver pond, lodge dam? Thank you for your interest

this trail falls right below a very busy road

moss covered logs

we saw the boy right here looking over the pond but did not catch a shot

dinosaur snacks

bad assed little Mountain Man

we have some kind of  mushrooms growing  all year round here

more hiking

beaver pond

baby madrona in bloom, something is eating it

more in to follow

please check back for Beaverhood part 2



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