It is a woodland and a garden it a woodland garden?

There is a small spot on the left hand side of my husband’s shop that we set aside to just “be”. I guess it is a “woodland” garden it truly is a little piece of the deep Pacific NW woods. There is vinca and concrete blocks ..chunks of some type of foundation and a Model T carcass ..there is a fence and lots of what we call “pecker polls” ….but it seems to be finding its way to being what I remember the woods to be like here …before all the construction ..

We have collected snipping’s of native plants ..not from preserved wild spaces ..I would not do that ever …but when areas were being bulldozed for’s whatever .. no guilt for saving wild plants ..
I am starting a nursery of wild columbine  to spread out in the garden area….have ferns growing all around the yard and trying to concentrate them under the trees where they belong….I will let the woods consume what I can not pull out adds character I think to have that old car back there …

Also I  am on a quest to establish nettles in the wet corner ..I love eating nettles …trying to find a  wild current, a red huckleberry and some fiddle heads …and anything else I can find … I just patiently wait and keep watching… since urban sprawl seems limitless in its pursuit to pave over ever single bit of paradise …turning it to one strip mall after another .

I will have some more chances to find what I want to collect for my tiny piece of nature ..this is my very own private snap shot …of what things used to look like about 25 years ago here …when the kids were little we wandered aimlessly through the woods here ..finding old rusty things that defined life many years ago..this space I share with you looked exactly as it was…

it is meant to be here and will continue to be as long as I live and have anything to say about it …

 and each year looks a little bit better..more depth ..more reality ..

the trilliums are my shining moment they are so beautiful ..they are significant in my life …the first wild flower of the spring …one of my very favorite flowers ….they come with the robins …and are also known as wake robins

I have maybe 10 or more of them planted under leaf mulch and was so worried they would not make it

but they did ..

life is defined by the moments you really live in it ….the moment a trillium comes up …it is really spring

thank goodness this winter was beginning to get to me

mushrooms taking hold on an old piece of wood

baby trilliums coming up through the leaf mulch

bird houses

looks like a drainage pipe but is actually a fountain

filling in with ferns and moss ..some flat stones

filling in nicely I think

the model T is back there

I can not haul all this concrete out but think nature will take over if given a chance I am embracing it and adding natives as I find them

note the horrid English ivy in there ..that and the vinca have to go

you can see I have a few native trees

my next post will show some wildlife

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