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we can grow some serious thatch here

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I am four years old today

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Trilliums are in bloom here ..welcome spring

   Years ago (24 next month) I moved to Western Washington for the second time.
This is where I discovered my favorite wildflower.
   They grow all over this country as I have since learned, but it was here on the edge of the Salish Sea I found it first ..for me
   Just about every day when my children were little, we spent some time in the woods with guide books discovering and identifying wild plants….  Honestly I was looking mostly for free harvest of edibles due to a shortage of funds,..and lots of time on my hands…. The biggest bonus to using poverty to my advantage..was we learned the names of most of the wild plants that resided in the  untouched woods that surrounded our little home.
   Well over the years, sadly as it goes (and as you notice I may rant about on a regular basis). The area was “improved” . Mostly by removing these beautiful natural habitats and replacing them with all the those (yet to be filled)… badly needed strip malls…housing developments that make s up what we lovingly refer to as “urban sprawl” ..You know the places where they tell you what color to paint your house and that you are not allowed to hang your clothing to dry ..the ones you have to pass UA’s and be of a “certain type” to go live in?
Do I harbor resentment ..yup …am I glad I had time with the woods and all that came with it? Yes I sure do …Mind you my kids still  bitch and complain that  “you dragged us around made us cold so we could pick things that stung us to eat..blah blah blah…” yup …Having grown up a city girl with a patch of green right behind my house ..I have always found peace and love in the woods ..surrounded by trees plants ..wildlife ..feel at “home” …. embraced the green and have images in my brain of the beauty the smells and the taste  ..I know in my heart what used to live under those buildings and homes
and honestly   …while we were fit and healthy walking in the woods eating nettles, wild mushrooms and other things we found  …no one looks fit or healthy walking into that massive  “Chinese” all you can eat ..obesity festival of a buffet that now covers a place where a coyote I knew well used to live and where the killdeer  used to have their babies and play wounded when we walked a bit too close to them…
   But I digress into my own disgust and misery of the reality of what folks really want in this world.  I know in my heart that really people  want Wal-Mart and those big assed “Chinese” buffets where you pay to get a big ass…more than they want woods ..woods are just a place to displace I guess ..my house displaces woods I know that ….
I could go live out on a limb  
in a tree house
 ..sounds nice right now actually
For now  ..instead of drifting off… I must get  back to the trillium
 What first attracted me to this flower was how wild it looks even in the wild ..it is an abstract flower that looks almost sci fi!
Second I love the number 3! I do not know why ..I adopted it into my version of what is good luck or bad luck when I was really young …
   The previous post showed my woodland garden. Talked about my trillium ..ranted about things as usual … I am working hard to keep every last detail to include the mulch to keep it “natural” . I want to capture a bit of the woods here in this tiny spot so it stays that way and I can remember what it was like “back then” “in the day” “the old days”
   Who knows if I will stay here ..right now that is “up in the air”.  Our lives ..our finances and our need to repot ourselves and find a new adventure are all nagging … But I love this place and nurture it in the “now” like I will stay forever ..while the rest of my world seems in such pain and turmoil this gives me a sense of purpose I can not get from anything else…
   If you do not have a woodland spot it is so worth the effort to try for one ..
   This tiny garden of all my gardens makes me feel like we do matter on this planet. However the
 stress involved in adding a trillium to my garden was impressive to say the least!  I had previously killed a three year old trillium by letting it get to dry and keeping it in a tiny pot… not knowing what to do.  I consider these plants an awesome responsiblity …a rare but wonderful chance to grow something I so love in nature …So when I acquired these trilliums
(I collect/obtain all my plants legally… please do not collect wild plants with out a permit or permission)
 ..I held my breath …asked tons of questions ..did lots of research and finally after keeping them in their pot,  in the location I wanted them to reside in ..finally planted them last fall …held my breath
protected them from Red

Red King of The Woodland Garden

So I planted them covered them with leaf mulch from my wild filbert tree
waited ….waited and waited..through a very strange winter …
They are not quite in full bloom but I just could not wait to share this with
 ..well I have no idea if anyone even reads this blog but me
This is such a beautiful thing to see … I am feeling more confident  they will flourish as they just seem so darn healthy!


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