It is so cold here!

I am bundled under blankets ..with the heat on!

and to be honest  have been out of sorts for  quite a while

I missed  life  while down..very humbling …lots of happenings in the garden and so much to do ..there are literally not enough hours and I do not have enough energy to get all the things I want to do done!

Birdman is building me an enclosed porch! I am so excited I will be able to sit out with my coffee on the worst of winter days ..enjoy my plants ..shelves house my  the starts and  tender perennials…

He says this is “practice for the greenhouse” !  A real live greenhouse/potting shed…it is going to be beautiful ..made with Starplates ..his project for next months check! (we have half of what we need)

More on that when it happens!

For now after what seemed like forever waiting for time to go by and my body to heal I wandered the garden and went for a ride in the canoe …two days of feeling good we shoved a summers worth of work and play into two days!

I have had the best year for sunflowers ..all colors, all sizes …and now the seeds are ripening the bird migrations have started …I just love sunflowers

some would see this as needed to be cut..I see this as a bird feeder

Asian Pears

Ground cherries ..they taste like pineapple flavored tomatillos

I will plant several pots of these next year for sure!

The number of figs this year is a record for me ..however the flavor due to the lousy summer weather has been less than wonderful! ..Yesterdays flush of ripe ones tasted so much better ..but they need cooking or some lemon to bring out the flavor..I made a huge bath of fig bars that were to die for also a jar of figs in syrup .. tree was stripped of ripe figs by my dogs!

Fig Cocktail ( I think I invented it but if not I am sorry)

shot of fresh fig syrup  (recipe below)

shot of vodka or gin

spritz to taste with sparkling water or club soda

serve ice-cold with a piece of the fig in the glass

fig syrup

2 split vanilla beans

2 cups water 2 cups sugar  (or honey) bring to a hard boil

4 cups  (heaping) of quartered figs

put the figs in the boiling syrup and let cook over medium for one hour

pit bulls love big sticks

cool and store with the figs in the syrup for use over ice cream in drinks …in yogurt

I could not tell you how many of these adorable bug eating little guys live here ..they are tucked into all kinds of places ..the favorite being our eves

It has been AGES since the canoe hit water is the time to recommence with  favorite activities

what a great canoe guide!


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it is the summer that was or wasn’t?

it was rainy and cold until yesterday

boredom and a pretty good depression seemed to be

setting in

cold weather crops did well this year

I had a ton of help from a four year old in clogs

the potatoes are great little things so are the onions lots of them but all the size of golf balls ..I don’t mind

I had over 140 perfect heads of garlic and learned to braid them …well sort of

tasty peel carrots

lots of spinach and strawberries in the four year olds bed!

sesame, parilla or shiso leaves ..they are minty fresh great for sashimi or ceviche

wonderful  herb or vegetable and very easy to grow

male posturing

red dog in foxglove = joyful moment

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