It is cool and gray but I have a front porch now!

Please first of I am so sorry for all the typos! I am trying  to get used to (as my dear friend calls them biFUCKals ….and they are horrible whomever invented these wanted me to die on the stairs..vomit in public and feel otherwise humiliated at the fact I can no longer look right in someones eyes???

So pardon me please while my body betrays me and in spite of a very good education just ignroe all the typos and errors in grammer …


All finished with the figs…to quickly I am afraid ..however my husband bestowed upon me a most wonderful gift of a Panache Fig…my friend in the UK spoiled herself with one last year and I instantly became so jealous I could not stand not having one of my own! 

her is a link to a picture of what it will be ..they look like little hot air balloons

Cabin in the woods

If you look in the corner you can see my panache fig back there is tiny but it will grow I am sure of it!

I have always wanted a cabin in the woods ..I feel like I have one with this sun porch ..solarium ..whatever it is really cozy and feels perfect if the old man could just stop trying to make it BEYOND perfect!

my funky chair

you are not allowed to judge this chair was hand made in the Phillipines in the early 70s …I just adore every detail including the gold plate on the back with the name of the shop and who made it …my butt is not as big as the indentation that is from sitting cross legged sideways if I want to!  …This chair is just big enough to flop in, I have logged numerous naps in it … and it gives me a perfect view of all the domain in my front AKA nursery is where everything I beg, borrow and snip gets started and then I divide and move them to other parts of the garden..lots of berries currents a 5 way plum a fig …two concored grape arbors…what esle ..blueberries, strawberries, black currents ..every herb you can imagine that will grow here is growing in this garden …and lots …lots ..lots of flower….there is also an Alberta spruce that will be turned into a giant garden gnome this year ..

I have watched aphids hit the plum tree ..then ladybugs hit the aphids..then a family of junkos were raised on the ladybugs…just amazing ..

when I look up

other side

 This is the other side it is still has to be sorted out ..that is my very cool foot stool hand made in North Carolina a very long time ago fits your feet perfectly to nap in the preveiously mentioned chair …

I want to retire so badly I dream of drifting away into senile bliss  on a trail that leads from this porch to a path and through all four of the gardens

judging the paint job I am sure of it!

 I could not be happier he is here ..when he croaks it radiates through the house ..I feel so lucky!

rain barrel

seriously how funny is it that I have a “rain” barrel on the Salish Sea??? (I actually have four of them) so far I just drain them now and then reason to irrigate here this year!

seakale and a bed full of sesame leaves ..I have to make kimchi soon with them so I do not loose them if you have never grown parella or Korean sesame leaves (nothing to do with sesame seeds) try it ..not only is it very pretty ..the big green bushy leafy things in the bed ..but it also tastes wonderfully fresh like mint/basil together I have nasturtiums blooming EVERYWHERE ..I need to pick the seeds to make some capers soon! shelling beans

rattlesnake and runnerbeans Sam’s runner beans ..what a wonderful dinner this made and there is nothing like watching a four year old burst with joy everytime he opens a scarlet runner or wiggles the the rattlesnake beans and hissing at me 🙂

smoked lamb bacon, runner and rattlesnake beans fresh ripe tomatoes

not to mention a very proud little boy

there is also a full head of garlic in that dish…good for your heart!!

giant orange dahlia is back still big as his head! his head grew!

enitre cucumber cropentire cucumber crop

sturdy cabin food

I cook ..he builds works really well

red rice, semolina bread, roasted purple yams and banans ..and green chile stew

out of state grandson's pumpkin

I am so bummed he will not get to pick it!

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Figs figs figs


fresh fig chutney

hot sauce, merlot and chive flower vinegar

cook slowly for hours until thick

walk around the yard for a little bit between stirring

give thanks to a beautiful fig tree for all the bounty!

French sorrel

This is my new favorite green it tastes just like the oxallis you find in the rain forrest by the ocean it is tart and green and just wonderful in a whole grain sandwich with butter! I am hoping it takes over at least half the bed this year makes a wonderful chicken soup ..I hope it winters over.

my only quince

Sam's scarliet runners..thank you Same I will miss you forever

He was my first friend in Washington and taught me everything I know about everything!

chutney is done I made whole wheat pitas


Kibbeh with fresh fig chutney


ate the last two figs today ..I have never had so many I was sick of them they are such a wonderful fruit!

thanks for reading

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