No Camera!

it took too damn long for the weather to turn

I reset my password..have sworn off chat boards for life and now can not find my camera ..and I have so much to show and tell.

I hope to be sharing something soon

This has been a very hard year for us …when that lovely rose my son gave me starts to sprout leaves breaks my heart that it is alive and flourishing and he is gone forever

Spring is a time for renewal and I need to renew a lot.

I am thankful for my garden ..that and a good dose of the right antidepressant and I am alive again and not just living. I do believe in eating right, excercise, fresh air and sunshine to beat grief and depression ..but sometimes pills work too and I get so damn sick and tired of folks who take the moral high ground by not depending on medications ..yes it is nobel you do it all with out a pill ..good for you and I wish I could to!!!

But I really digress and the garden and the therapy it brings me is why I keep a blog at all…

We have spent 5 years turning a place where formerly the dirt was so contaminated a kid could not play safely ..gardening was always done with Round Up and a blow torch….into a paradise with no dectable levels of toxins ..lots of fresh fruits vegetables flowers and a lovely “collection” in general of plants people have shared with me or I have snipped ..and it is pretty, feeds us and has absorbed a ton of pain and grief…I take great joy in gardening and hope the same for other folks..

VERY FUN …take one curious five-year old ..a bag of 2000 lady bugs..the absolute best $8 I have ever spent in my life. 6 full hours of questions answers, he was awstruck…..we sat at lunch in a Thai restaurant with friends and the bag of lady bugs had its own chair!

When we released them grandson was covered with them and the delight was mind-blowing

Nothing like a five-year old covered with lady bugs to bring you to the joy of now.

The world is going to shit but my grandson was covered in lady bugs

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